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Written by Nate Roberts   
Thursday, 29 October 2009 01:02
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Different Types of Timeshare Vacation Ownership
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Timeshare ownership consits of 3 parts;

  1. The type of timeshare ownership 'title' - Such as deeded ownership, sharehold or lease certificate, and right to use
  2. The way you use your timeshare - This can be a fixed week, a floating week, points based ownership, membership club, or fractional ownership.
  3. The way you trade your timeshare to go to different resorts

Todays timeshare market offers many different options to meet your personal vacation style.


To own a timeshare, you must first purchase a resort or a resort club membership. The type of ownership varies by the specific resort and location you purchase.

The most common ways resort properties legally sell and record vacation ownership are:

  1. Deeded Ownership
    Deeded ownership is owned for life. You have the right to use it, sell it, let a friend or family member use it, rent it, or pass it on to your heirs. Deeded timeshare ownership is typically sold on a week by week basis, but can also be sold as an ownership percentage in the entire resort. Deeded ownership can be sold as either a fixed week, floating week, or points use.
  2. Sharehold or leasehold agreement
    A sharehold or leasehold agreement is typically used for recording ownership in foriegn countries. Sharehold and leasehold ownership typically comes with the same rights as deeded ownership.
  3. Right to use
    Right to use timeshare vacation ownership memberships are good for a certain number of years, then they expire. Right to use memberships are typically sold in 25 year, 50 year, and 99 year intervals. Another way right to use membership packages are sold is by a number of weeks. You have the rights to use a certain number of weeks. You can use them all at once or spread the use out over many years.

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