Boynton Beach Florida Woman Charged in Timeshare Scam for Telemarketing Fraud
Written by Nathan Roberts -   
Wednesday, 17 October 2012 11:25


Timeshare Scams alertsin the newsThe Orlando Sentinel Newspaper is reporting Internet complaints lead the Florida Attorney Generals office and the Delreay Beach Police to companies running timeshare recovery scams. Though the timeshare scams were based in Florida, most of the victims lived in other states.

"The company evidently purchased a database filled with the contact information of timeshare clients. The bits of information, used illegally, are known as "leads," which telemarketers used to call victims.

"Somewhere down the line a database was probably hacked into," said Delray Beach Police spokeswoman Nicole Guerriero, "and the data was sold."

Investigators gathered victim accounts and learned that a group of more than 20 telemarketers allegedly called people in the database and claimed they were working with the Attorney General's Office.

The telemarketers then asked for fees ranging from $400 to $4,000 — saying they were for court and filing costs — and promised to repay victims with funds from a non-existent "state restitution fund."

More than 170 victims sent checks to the agency, giving up more than $140,000.

But there was no state fund or partnership with the Attorney General's Office."

Read the full article here:
Boynton women charged in timeshare scheme, police say

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