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RCI Weeks FAQs
Written by Nate Roberts   
Thursday, 29 October 2009 01:31

RCI is a timeshare ownership exchange company; they do not build resorts, so you cannot become an "RCI owner". Many timeshare owners use their timeshare exclusively for exchange and traveling to different resort locations around the world, so when you ask them what they own, they may say "RCI" instead of the actual resort they own at.

So how do I become a RCI Weeks member?
To become a RCI Weeks member, you must first purchase a RCI affiliated timeshare resort. Then you will be eligible to become a RCI weeks member and experience all the benefits of timeshare vacation ownership. You can get a discount on your membership by paying for multiple years instead of being billed annually.

As an added benefit, some resorts and vacation ownership points programs include RCI membership free with their ownership.