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Courtney Regan on Money 911: How to Sell Your Timeshare
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Written by Nate Roberts   

Courtney Regan from CNBC answered a callers question about how to sell her timeshare during the Money 911 segment of the Today show.

Sue from Columbus story is one we here from many people who are interested in selling their timeshare. They are getting older, they can't use their timeshare anymore, the kids don't want it and they are on a fixed income. So now what? Watch the video

to see what Courtney Regan recommends...

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We thing Courtney's recommendations are great.

  1. Call the timeshare resort or developer  to see if they have a timeshare resale program, buyback program or "right of first refusal"
  2. If the resort does not have a resale program, Courtney suggests asking the resort if they can recommend a timeshare resale broker. The resale broker should be a Licensed Timeshare Resale Broker and never charge an upfront fee. Courtney also agrees with our recommendation: Never, EVER pay an upfront listing fee to sell your timeshare. No reputable broker will ever charge a fee.
  3. Do it yourself by renting or selling online.
  4. Donate your Timeshare to Charity.

We think most of Courtney's recommendations are spot on.

What do you think?

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